Imaan Healthcare

We at Imaan Healthcare have worked with Nitin at Heathcareplus Consulting for a number of
years when purchasing Pharmacies. The service is bespoke to the customer, Heathcareplus
Consulting always listen and understand our requirements following initial consultation. Nitin has
handled all the negotiations right through to Completion of Regulatory Paperwork such as NHS
Change of Ownership/FTP and GPHC registration which can often be a very time consuming &
complex procedure.
The service offered has been exemplary and the advice given is made very clear and easy to
understand. He is always accessible and responsive, and genuinely has the best intentions to help
support and grow our business.
Nitin has over 27 years of Pharmacy experience with long standing relationships & broad network
across large chains and independents . His insight into the Pharmacy market has been invaluable.