The Future of Pharmacy

The PSNC has created a really nice animation painting the picture of pharmacy in the future. Essentially, Community Pharmacy needs to change to fit the future of the NHS, but also for a more sustainable business. We want to work with you to make sure that happens.


Why is Transformation & Change Management important?

The healthcare and pharmacy markets are rapidly changing, due to customer demands and healthcare trends and how medication and healthcare services are provided to the end-user customer. Measuring the success of pharmacy transformation is based upon how much difference there is between the future state and the current state, according to the initial vision and organisational strategy. The combination of change management with the business strategy, offers the best potential for delivering new results and capabilities.

When there is an opportunity identified, in terms of a need, expectation, desire or performance target not achieved, change is implemented and executed.



The decision to make a change, is based on your evaluation of the current state to the past. This is a process which goes back and forth until there the required change has been determined and continues through all stages of change management. A constant evaluation of past and present is undertaken, to understand progress and to measure completion and success.


How can Healthcare Plus aid your transformation needs?

Our associates have extensive experience of delivering large and small organisational change programmes, from execution of strategy, driving cultural change, through to delivery and transformational results. Programmes are delivered to create opportunity and capacity through innovative solutions.
We  can advise on cost and growth pharmacy transformation programmes, to meet the needs of your business.


Examples of innovative initiatives include:

  • Online Pharmacy & integration with bricks & mortar
  • Telehealth
  • Kiosk / Lockers for prescription collection
  • Joint venture Pharmacy models
  • Use of automation in pharmacy


Get in touch to find out more about how Healthcare Plus can aid the needs of your business!